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Jul. 1st, 2009 | 11:28 pm

Eva Longoria
Love the shirt !.

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Jan. 15th, 2009 | 04:03 pm

So I am back..
Im going to write about my new year's resolution...
  • Do better at school. I mean it wasnt a bad year, but I hope I get better grades.
  • Be a better person. I want to become an activist, or have a cause so I can do better.
  • Be more active. Sometimes I dont do things because Im very lazy.
  • Save money. So I can buy presents to my family.
  • Read books. I haven't read for I while.

What I learned from 08 is that you dont have to wait for things to happen, you have to go get them, God do things for a reason; and sometimes we might dont undestand them and I think we have to wait and someday we will finally understand why those things happen maybe is not the time.....
So I'll keep this thing update, maybe with pictures or something like that..

Bye 08. !

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New year's resolutions..

Jan. 14th, 2009 | 11:02 pm

soo, now that im having time for myself, I'll write more about myself..

Im very into country music lately, and indie music i dont like noise anymore, I need peace lol and I feel calm when I listen this type of music, I love Taylor Swift!
I love 24, and im waiting for the new season, Ugly betty, desperate housewives, the hills etccc...
Im trying to adopt a diferent life style, a little more mature, as in my personality...
I love fashion, and yesterday I bought a Ray Ban sunglasses they are from the Jackie O collection they are red, they are awesome I love them....
I going to start to work out, I really need to lol, not because im fat, lol I just trying to live a little more healthy.....
I gonna do better at school, I promisee lol!
Im going to read at least 5 books per year lol, omg this post sounds like a new year's resolution lol, Im going to call it that way lol..


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Jan. 14th, 2009 | 10:46 pm

hi! im back.
i havent write for a while, i know, but school is kinda heavy lately..
so, i'll write about my 2008, was a great year, first of all i ended high school, and now go to collage, I study Industrial Engineer, which is kinda hard but i really like it, so far im loving it...
I did have my lows, I lost 2 members of my family in a explotion, and I think it really hit me.. it was of the way it happened, some people could think that that kinda of things dont happen to people like us, that it only happens in soup operas, until it happens.. beyond that my family is ok, we are all healty thanks God....
My life changed so much, since im not in high school, I kinda dont see my friends a lot, or at least as much as I wish, but I guess we have to move on and meet new people...
I discovered im stronger than I thought I was, for the first time in my life I had hard times, I think is almost like if my bubble poped....

I had some great times, I remember when I went to Mana's concert what a great time I had and I get to meet my idol Oswaldo Sanchez lol..

When it comes to love, im single and ready to mingle lol... Im not very lucky in love, I fell for my best friend, and I ended up really hurt..

so, I guess this is all for now...


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Jul. 26th, 2006 | 03:23 pm

I have nothing to do right now, Im kinda tired but I cant sleep...
I was watching the news, and I started thinkin, about what's happenin to the world this days...

I mean 3 weeks ago, was only joy and happiness b/c of the WC.... Now, I can really see the problems, and actually i dont get them....
About what's happening in Libano and Israel, I mean Israel and some other countries, are in war all the time, that's killing me right now, I cant even think about all the kids, I mean nobody deserves to live in that conditions, NO-ONE, is not freakin fair, I mean 4 person that work with the ONU, have already died! ....
About what happened in India, the 8 bombs (I think)... what's happening to the world! is God trying to say something? mom told me that happens every year and that there are many countries in war all the time, but now, I feel I dunno pretty mad! war is so last century, Im so glad, my country is never in war (thank GOD) ....

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Jul. 25th, 2006 | 11:51 am

I never use LJ, b/c I dont understand it, lol.... anyways, my vacations had been awesome, I dont do anything, well I do somethings but not much...
Today im going to do track, I have like 2 months without it, I need to do it, so today im going to, even if I dont want to...
Im so happy about my vacations, Chisco stoped being a jerk, and now he is being awesome like always....
Today its Leyla's b-day, and I was going to go to her house, but I have to do track !! damn it lol....
I'll send her an email....
G2G I have to clean my room, its a mess btw lol....

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Jul. 19th, 2006 | 12:33 pm

Aqui la traduccion de la mejor cancion del mundial qe fue a Alemania..

There's nothing left for us to do than say thank you
Because you accomplished great things these days
 And those who had doubts went quiet after a few hours
Because you fought your way through, you were at the very bottom
And who fights the way you do is also allowed to lose sometimes
The people love you, that will motivate you
And after a little while, you'll see what you accomplished
You got the whole nation on an emotional move
The 4th of July wasn't a bad day this year
The 4th of July just wasn't your best day this year
Man, you beat Argentina after a long game
New game, new luck because this life offers so much
You gave us so much, your names shall sound
Let us write a song for you and sing your names

We salute for Captain Michael Ballack
You shot hard despite the pain you were in
You fought hard, scored your penalty
When I saw your tears, mine started flowing, too

The next German hero is called Torsten Frings
Plays midfield and you know he can do it
He was chosen, got counted out
Man, we were in shock, Torsten, you were missed

And then the splendid Miro Klose, always good for a fast goal
Turns it up like a whirlwind
Something like you doesn't happen often enough

First name Lukas, nickname Poldi
Believe me Lukas, we had an awesome time watching you
Fight bravely, give us the chance to keep on going mad because of your goals

It's a pity, Jens Lehnmann, that we see you play at home only rarely
You didn't disappoint us but made us tremble
We were worried, you were cool
There was strength in your calmness indeed
You opened your goal to our hearts

Before the black eye, there already was the injured arm
But the first goal for Germany was shot by Philipp Lahm
Seeing you play was a revelation
Philipp, we'll never forget your name

Here comes the bastion Schweinsteiger
Even when he falls down he keeps on playing the ball
Who wants to stop you, we're just getting started
Take over the game and ridicule the opponent

And we can't forget Per Mertesacker
You made some forwards pack their bags
 Did your job and left your mark
Some opponent surely thinks he's a mother...

Christoph Metzelder was a fire alarm
And fire extinguisher of the pitches
The opponent arrives, he catches the opponent
Forwards are for him like trees and he chops them

Sebastian Kehl was chosen as well
And he was inspired by the fight within no time
He gave his best and did his thing
And we will also sing his name from now on

We so hoped that Bernd Schneider
Would make this one goal but it didn't happen, sadly
But don't worry, Bernd, we more than just like you
When you played sparks flew, you're an awesome guy

And Arne Friedrich was too peaceful for us at first
The he was like rejuvenated and finally
You saw the door in front of the goal, it closed down
Arne Friedrich, Germany loves you

Ey yo, David Odonkor runs fast as lightning to the goal
Play your pass and prepare another one of these goals
People said who is this David, he wasn't known
Now the whole country wants to be related to you

You're a German safe bet, Tim Borowski
The opponents want to win but you shock them
We want to see you play and win with you often
If the battery is low, you appear and it's running again

And also Robert Huth did good
And did what a man on the pitch does
He contributed and you saw his courage
After that, back to the bench, Robert, I take off my hat to you

Mike Hanke, you also deserve thanks
Life as forward on the bench isn't easy
I also have a jersey with the #9
And the next time, you'll make us happy with your goals

The future also belongs to Marcell Jansen
I can already see the forwards arrive at your doorstep
Rob them of their chances and courage
And do what a man in our defense does

And when forwards arrived in front of Jens Novotny
The Jens stops them and puts them in their place
I want to thank you for the standby duty
You burned for the game and passed to the target

And also Thomas Hitzlsperger was often saved from the trouble on the pitch
But you also deserve thanks on the sidelines
Had our midfield stumbled, we'd've taken you as fuel
And then you'd passed to the goal even if we were behind

It's bordering madness that we didn't see Oliver Kahn
On the pitch but at the sidelines
But thanks Olli, you're truly a champion
And did unbelievably much for country and team

Timo Hildebrand was only sitting at the sidelines
But stay ready, your time will arrive soon
When this country will scream your name after penalty shootouts

Oliver Neuville is our joker for the game
He made an important goal at the right time
Penalty scored, what a gift
Of course we'll think of you forever

I thank you so much DJ Asamoah
Because of you, my songs were heard in the locker room
DJ and forward, we want more
Gerald Asamoah, score your next goal

And thanks to Jürgen Klinsmann's great vision
We did dream of the victory and already had it
We lift you again onto the throne of football
Please don't go, we'll double your wage
You are bearers of the honour, Andy, Olli, Jogi, Jürgen
We'd like to burden you and your helpers with some more
So please stay with us, the EC is close
Because you just lead us to the victory, almost
Thanks so much for that, it touched us deeply
I thank the Lord for all of you, honour to those who deserve it.

Text: Xavier Naidoo
Musik: Michael Herberger, Xavier Naidoo

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cOol sitEs

Jul. 18th, 2005 | 03:37 pm


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May. 8th, 2005 | 05:13 pm

Hey guys!
Well today was a cool day, i slept all day then i woke up and watched tv, then i started making my new layout its about Ashlee Simpson, then i got the GoF trailer.. damn that movie rocks hard..
well cyaa

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Feb. 19th, 2005 | 07:11 pm

hey!! wass up??
anyway im here to put the code of the layout in my xanga site:

Refresh -

Add Me -

Design -

Your Eyes Only -

Log in -

Bounce out -

Xanga -

Feedback - Profile - Guestbook - Subscriptions </center>

i loved that layout but i love more the new onee!

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