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New year's resolutions..

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Jan. 14th, 2009 | 11:02 pm

soo, now that im having time for myself, I'll write more about myself..

Im very into country music lately, and indie music i dont like noise anymore, I need peace lol and I feel calm when I listen this type of music, I love Taylor Swift!
I love 24, and im waiting for the new season, Ugly betty, desperate housewives, the hills etccc...
Im trying to adopt a diferent life style, a little more mature, as in my personality...
I love fashion, and yesterday I bought a Ray Ban sunglasses they are from the Jackie O collection they are red, they are awesome I love them....
I going to start to work out, I really need to lol, not because im fat, lol I just trying to live a little more healthy.....
I gonna do better at school, I promisee lol!
Im going to read at least 5 books per year lol, omg this post sounds like a new year's resolution lol, Im going to call it that way lol..


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