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Jan. 15th, 2009 | 04:03 pm

So I am back..
Im going to write about my new year's resolution...
  • Do better at school. I mean it wasnt a bad year, but I hope I get better grades.
  • Be a better person. I want to become an activist, or have a cause so I can do better.
  • Be more active. Sometimes I dont do things because Im very lazy.
  • Save money. So I can buy presents to my family.
  • Read books. I haven't read for I while.

What I learned from 08 is that you dont have to wait for things to happen, you have to go get them, God do things for a reason; and sometimes we might dont undestand them and I think we have to wait and someday we will finally understand why those things happen maybe is not the time.....
So I'll keep this thing update, maybe with pictures or something like that..

Bye 08. !

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